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Marvel & DC Superheroes Tours チケット

入場料 大人 35.00 ドル
子供(3-12 歳) 26.00 ドル

Calling all heroes.

Your Go New York City admission includes

  • A 2-hour tour of iconic superhero movie sites

Check out iconic superhero movie sites, see where the writers and artists created your favorite characters, stroll down Publisher’s Row, and see some of the most recognizable sites in New York City. Learn the answer to the age-old question: Is New York Gotham or Metropolis?

Follow your super-guide around New York City, discovering places made famous by all of your favorite comics and movies. You’ll see the Daily News Building, Grand Central Terminal, the United Nations, and tons more. As you go, listen closely for the history of famous comics like Superman and Batman, dating all the way back to their very first issues.

At each stop, pose for photos and discover the landmark’s importance to key plot points, storylines, and films. It’s the perfect superhero experience for every Marvel and DC lover visiting New York.

お得に、そして自由に旅を楽しむには、ニューヨーク・エクスプローラー・パス(Explorer Pass)が一番です。 Choose to use your pass for Marvel & DC Superheroes Tours tickets, そして、その他の人気のアトラクションのリストをご覧いただき、エクスプローラー・パス(Explorer Pass)で入場する他のアトラクションを選択してください!


Reservations are required. Upon arriving for the tour, please present your pass to the tour guide for scanning.


Reservations are required.

  • Visit topdogtrousnyc.com/walking-tours/superheroes-new-yrok-walking-tour. Then click on BOOK NOW.
  • 目的のツアーの日時を選択します。
  • Once you have selected a date and time, add the number of participants to the drop down menu next to Explorer Pass.
  • You will need to enter a credit card number to hold your reservation but you will only be charged if you fail to show up for the tour.

If you have questions or difficulty booking a tour, please call (718) 806-1706.


毎日 午後 3:30。


Corner of 1st Ave and 42nd St
1st Ave and 42nd St - UN Plaza


4, 5, or 6 train to Grand Central Station stop.

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